About us

Our Mission & Vision

To develop and promote both competitive and developmental volleyball in Southern Alberta. LVC expects to provide high level competitive and developmental opportunities for our athletes and coaches. When our athletes choose to play volleyball at a post-secondary level, we are pleased that we could help them develop their skills. However, our true commitment is to all the Southern Alberta athletes who want to play volleyball at a high level, and build their lifelong love of the sport.


Lethbridge Volleyball Club (LVC) is an inclusive organization that strives to provide an opportunity for athletes to be exposed to volleyball at both the developmental and competitive level regardless of gender, gender expression or gender identity. We support Volleyball Alberta’s Inclusion Policy and endeavour to create a safe and accepting environment for all of our athletes to experience the game of volleyball.

LVC strives to promote both excellence and life-long love of the game of volleyball in Southern Alberta.

  • LVC believes that volleyball is a team game where work ethic, teamwork, attitude, and sportsmanship are more important than winning at all costs.
  • LVC believes that the attributes gained in a supportive and respectful environment of competitive sport can lead to success both on and off the court, and later in life.