COVID information for athletes and families:


LVC will be following Volleyball Alberta’s Return to play  Guidelines found here


For all LVC Programming all participants must make sure to have completed all necessary Volleyball Alberta paperwork and electronic health screening must be completed prior to each practice before entering the facility.


PLEASE NOTE: parents will not be allowed in the gym or to congregate in the main area. Please drop off your child and leave once the paperwork is complete. You may wait outside at the end of the session.


Instructions and procedures:

  • Follow the entry/exit procedures outlined by the facility.


  • Masks are mandatory in the main areas of the building AT ALL TIMES.  Wear mask when entering and exiting the building  Mask can only be taken off when having a drink of water.


  • Come dressed for participation- change rooms will not be available


  • Washrooms are open, but not for changing. If possible use the washroom at home first to minimize movement in an out of the gym.


  • Sanitize Hands on entry, at health breaks and when leaving.


  • Label and bring your own water bottle and towels, to each session. We will be sanitizing the balls before, during, and after each session.


  • When arriving, Place your items (water bottle, backpack etc) on one of the mats provided. That is your area. Do not share your personal items with another athlete.


  • Fill in the pre-screening form prior to each session. DO not come if you have any COVID symptoms, or have had any exposure to someone who has.  Follow all Public Health hygiene rules and general recommendations


  • Avoid touching your face. If you happen to cough or sneeze during the activity, cover your mouth/nose with your elbow and immediately sanitize your hands following.


  • Long hair is tied back to discourage participants touching their faces.


  • In order to limit numbers in the gym and protect everyone, Spectators are not welcome.


  • If you begin to feel unwell during the session, let your coach know, sanitize your hands, remain 3m distance from all others and we will have your parents come pick you up.


  •  Avoid cheering/singing, these activities have a higher risk because infected people can transmit the virus through their saliva or respiratory droplets.


  • Unnecessary contact between participants, handshakes, high-fives, hugs, etc. should be discouraged, and whenever possible all participants should maintain physical distancing of 3 meters